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Introducing JSI Health's new family of products

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A performance recliner designed by Mike Shields

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A sleep sofa that may be specified by the inch

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A metal seating family designed by Mike Shields

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A modular casework family for healthcare and beyond

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A new pull-up table series available in adjustable and fixed heights

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Bringing comfort where it's needed most

We understand the profound impact of quality healthcare. Just as we've long aspired to ignite passion in people to love what they do, our journey into healthcare is a natural extension — inspiring individuals to love where they thrive, love where they care, and love where they heal. With a commitment to enhance performance and elevate experiences for patients and caregivers, we are entering further into healthcare with a sincere belief that we can make meaningful improvements.

Love where you heal tagline

Patient Spaces

Community Spaces

Caregiver Spaces

Administrative Spaces


A growing family of products

We've approached healthcare with the same judicious focus that has defined our brand for years. Our commitment to 'design that sits well with everyone' is not just a tagline — it's a philosophy embedded in the quality, hand-crafted components, and thoughtful design details that characterize our products. We've partnered with one of the best designers in healthcare furniture, Mike Shields, whose human-centered approach assures a level of comfort and functionality that speaks directly to the needs of healthcare spaces. In essence, we've transformed our wealth of knowledge into tangible products that embody the essence of approachability, inviting warmth, and intuitive features — a design that truly sits well with everyone.

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new! Furniture for patients + caregivers


Supportive healing spaces that are reassuring, comfortable, and promote well-being.

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With inviting design and a diverse offering, guests are encouraged to relax and find support in the moment.

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Recharge, regroup, and feel supported in spaces that provide resources needed most for moments away.

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Keeping a focus on functionality and engagement, spaces that prioritize open communication and knowledge sharing.

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Patient Spaces

Community Spaces

Caregiver Spaces

Administrative Spaces


Patient Spaces

Transforming the conventional exam room, JSI Health brings a blend of warmth and functionality. Designed with both the patient and practitioner in mind, our exam rooms aim to create a reassuring atmosphere, ensuring comfort and efficiency during medical consultations. In treatment spaces, our furniture is carefully curated to support the healing process. Comfortable seating and strategically placed furnishings contribute to an environment that fosters both the physical and emotional aspects of patient care, promoting a sense of security and well-being.


Patient Room

Exam Room

Treatment Area



Community Spaces

We've crafted products specifically for waiting areas, aiming to provide peace and comfort. Our thoughtfully designed furniture ensures that patients and their families experience a sense of ease during what can often be challenging moments. At JSI Health, we not only prioritize functionality but also aesthetic appeal, fostering a welcoming atmosphere that contributes to the overall well-being of individuals. From cozy seating arrangements to soothing aesthetics, these spaces are designed to offer visitors a moment of respite.

Community Spaces Outline - Satisse

Lobby Waiting

Cafe + Dining


Caregiver Spaces

JSI Health furniture ensures that caregiver spaces are both practical and comforting. Work areas and private offices are high-function areas that allow the caregiver to focus on the tasks at hand, rather than be distracted by inefficiencies. To recuperate and restore, Caregivers feel comfortable in nourishment + respite spaces that offer an opportunity to relax, mingle, and recharge. Thoughtful design elements contribute to a calming environment that supports the well-being of those who tirelessly provide care.


Work Area

Private Office

Nourishment + Respite


Administrative Icon

Administrative Spaces

JSI Health furniture offers solutions for spaces that create efficient, recuperative, and coaching experiences. Collaborative workstations, and intelligent design choices create an environment that encourages engagement and knowledge sharing among professionals in the workspace. Whether for team meetings or interdisciplinary conferences, our designs prioritize both comfort and functionality, ensuring that healthcare professionals can convene in spaces that foster open communication and strategic planning. We provide nourishment + respite spaces that spark interaction and cultivate connection, with options to restore.

Administrative Outline


Nourishment + Respite



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