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Chicago Showroom

345 N Morgan | Fulton Market

We believe in the power of inspiration –
and when people are inspired to love what they do, the possibilities are limitless.

At JSI, we are proud of our history and the influence it brings to our work today as we continue to progress and build upon innovative craftsmanship. Our Chicago showroom at 345 N Morgan St dives deeper into not only understanding and honoring our past but also celebrating the relationship between the innovation of yesteryear—highlighting the first patent of the rolltop desk—and the technological advancements of today—our two patent-pending elements from our healthcare launch. We give visitors a hands-on experience of our journey through furniture crafting and ingenuity.


tour our virtual SHOWROOM.

This showroom experience represents a culmination of JSI’s rich history in the furniture industry,
expertise in creating immersive environments and commitment to the culture and people that brought this space to life.
Engage and interact with our inviting new space in Fulton Market below!

Dive Into the Details



Hospitality Hub

Throughout this area you are greeted with a burst of vibrant textiles and supple leathers; infusing the space with undeniable energy and comforting elegance that invigorates the senses.​

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Low-Key Lounge

Plush leathers and cozy lounges beckon you to sink into their luxurious depths, offering unparalleled comfort and style. Carefully curated to facilitate intimate conversation or lively discussion.

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Sip + Social

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and our Sip & Social café is the energy of the space. Catch up over drinks and relax in style. The space offers multiple ways to interact, from large gathering tables, cozy booths, and tranquil seating with a view.

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Huddle Hideaway

Sneak a peek at the many ways to huddle up or hide away with JSI for calm moments of respite, quiet time to focus or a cozy break with friends. We’ve designed simple spaces to step away from the hustle of the day, – whether alone or together – JSI can create comfortable ambiance for many settings.

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Maker's Mindset

Serving triple duty, this year’s Maker’s Mindset includes our full collection of materials, functions as a creative studio, and tells JSI’s rich history of beauty and innovation. Roll up your sleeves and run your fingers along each component that makes up JSI’s story of Craft & Connection.

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Gathering Ground

A large round table serves as a gathering point in the thoroughfare to offer meeting space free of hierarchy or formality, allowing everyone to gather and share equally.

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JSI Health Experience

Our first showcase to the market is ignited by a passion for making a positive impact on those around us through the service we provide, the experience we create, and the products we build. Our goal was to highlight the beauty and innovation of our new clinical products and how they seamlessly blend with the robust JSI portfolio to showcase our capabilities and commitment in this vital sector. 

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Solitude Suites

Retreat to a private workspace for some individual focus work. Three Vision vignettes display the broad offering of casegoods. Our intent was to demonstrate the variety of personalities and functional ways JSI’s Vision series can enhance the focused-work experience.

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Connection Cove

Being able to meet and connect with others is a core human value, giving a sense of belonging and trust in both our personal and work environments. Being able to do so in style is just a plus!

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Flex Field

Get into work in the Flex Field mode by choosing where, how and next to whom today’s tasks will be tackled. Using furniture as architecture, zones break up the large open area to allow for teams’ changing needs as they work.

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Nostalgia Nook

All good times must come to an end, but not before we have a moment in this adios area that blends all elements of the JSI brand. Plush soft seating hits a cozy yet playful tone while inspirational words begging for a pic or a post, and pieces of the past adorn the walls.

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